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EOMA freestyle martial art

Since the age of 16 (1986) I (Mr.C) have always been involved in the martial arts, I decided to take all of my knowledge and skills with my wife (Sharon) assistance, to create Earth & Ocean Martial Arts (EOMA). The first class commenced in January 2008.

I’m always looking to improve and develop the style as my knowledge of the martial arts grows!

In 2011 I began my studies of Shan Xi style Xing Yi Quan in Beijing with my BaGuaZhang master Mr Xiang Zheng. He gave me permission to incorporate it into EOMA saying "the combination of long range kicks and xing yi's close quarter hand techniques would make it a formidable style".

The main concepts of EOMA are based on the theory of Yin & Yang; the techniques can be soft and fluid as well as dynamic and powerful.

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Adults classes


Are suitable for anyone and everyone, from total beginner to advanced!

With regular training you can benefit from improved:
Health, fitness, muscle tone, strength & weight loss,
Flexibility & suppleness,
Confidence, Personal Discipline & Respect.

EOMA is based on concepts from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Western boxing, Chinese Kung Fu & Muay Thai kick boxing. 

Classes are taught in a fun and safe environment they comprise of:

A physical workout to improve general fitness especially cardio vascular health,

Stretching & Flexibility,

Kick boxing style pad work & circuits,

Sparring- light continuous kick boxing (we call it 50/50),

Practical self-defence,

Weapons training,

Qian Quan- 1000 fists form.


So if you are looking for a great work out as well as meeting new friends get in contact with us!

Junior classes.


Do you want your child/children to learn and improve on the following:


Junior EOMA classes are especially suited and designed for children to learn and benefit from the above qualities; they will also gain goal setting skills i.e.
Belt progression, twice a year they will be tested on their newly learnt skills for achieving their next belts.
Merit badges, every 8 weeks they can go for a merit badge these are a specific martial art skill, if performed correctly can be gained,
Belts and Badges are not just given, they have to work for them, and this is a great life skill to learn, not just in class but at home, in school and in everyday life!
As well as benefiting by learning and understanding those above qualities they will also improve their general fitness and health, help focus their minds, learn practical skills to protect themselves, all in a fun and safe environment.



EOMA Student Creed

1. I shall be kind, courteous and show respect at all times.

2. I shall use self-control and not show off to others!

3. I shall only use what I learn to protect myself and my family.

4. I shall be respectful of other people's beliefs and ideas.

5. I shall study & train hard to become the best I can.

Adult classes
are from the ages 12+
Junior classes are from ages 7-11.
Earth & Ocean Martial Arts is non competitive, we train for life! Not trophies!

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EOMA videos

Mr Ley Northam Devon Students demo.

Junior student Matthew aged 10 performing Qian Quan- 1st part basic hand form


8th June 2013, Earth Ocean Martial arts first ever Black Belts

Simon, Stanilee, Wayne & Damien

DAMIEN WILLIAMS, aged 12, was one of four students to be the first to pass their black belt grading for Earth and Ocean Martial Arts WAYNE LEY, SIMON NICHOLSON and RICHARD BRAUND were also successful.
The examination lasted three hours as the group, who have been studying for four years or more, were tested on everything they had learnt."I am very proud to see them all achieve this great accolade and I am honoured to call them black belts."Damien, even though only being 12, kept up with the adults throughout the grading."
Mr Ian Godfrey, a black belt in karate, gave me the benefit of his experience on the grading panel.
Well done to them all!

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Earth & Ocean Martial Arts

Landkey demonstration

Bideford half marathon march 2010

Certificate awarded in recognition of our donation to cancer research

bullers arms display

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